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Gallery Update - Gavin Rourke

Traditional Rose Tattoo on Hand

A collection of new work from Gav is now up over on his Gallery page. Go check that out as well as all his new posts on Instagram @gavrourke72

Gallery Update - Ben Almond

Tattoo - Abstract Red Panda on Back

New Abstract work from Ben up on his  Gallery page. Head on over there to view several cool new animal posts and a twist on roses. If you want to keep up to date with all Ben's new work you can follow him on Instagram @benalmondtattoos as well as the Studio's Website…

Craig Hicks - Tattoo Tea Party 2017

Tattoo Breaking Bad Walter White

We had a blast at this years Tattoo Tea Party at the Trafford Centre's Event City. Thanks to everyone who passed and enquired about our work. 

Above is calf tattoo of Breaking Bad's Walter White completed on the Saturday by Craig. 

You can view more work by Craig over on his Instagram and…

Gallery Update - Craig Hicks

Eye tattoo on inner bicep

You can view loads of new work from our Realism artist Craig over on his Gallery page. If you're at the Manchester Tattoo Tea Party this coming weekend (March 4th and 5th) you can see him working on a Walter White from Breaking Bad and a Predator to sit along side an existing Alien from Craig. These 2 are definitely worth checking out over the weekend! 

You can purchase…

Gallery Update - Gavin Rourke

Star Wars R2 D2 by Gav

A selection of new work from Gav is now up over on his Gallery page. You can check that out aswell as all the new pieces from Gav over on his Instagram. You can view a large group of new Super Hero and Star Wars work building. We'd love to see more of this subject in the studio and you can…

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