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Gallery Update - Craig Hicks


Babies Portrait by Craig Hicks

There's a good mix of new posts up on Craig's Gallery page. Including the above portrait shown. With the finished tattoo and the photo reference used to create it. Look forward to the oppurtunity of possibly seeing this one again once it's settled in. Get in contact with Craig if you would like a tattoo of a loved one or maybe even something…

Gallery Update - Gavin Rourke

By Gavin Rourke

A tonne of recent work from Gav is up on his Gallery page. Go check that out as well as all his new posts up on Instagram.

Look forward to posts from Gav including Film and Comic book Heroes!

Gallery Update - Sean Lyons

 By Sean Lyons

A selection of new work from Sean is now up on his Gallery.

The new year is now getting in to full swing with lots of cool new projects coming through the Studio. Liam shown above is continueing a great project for his next sleeve featuring the story of Japanese bronze age Warrior Susannoo who defeated an 8 headed dragon with 8 barrels of Sake and a sword of pre katana…

Gallery Update - Ben Almond

cover up

New work from Ben is now up on his Artist Gallery Page. Go check that out as well as all the new flash paintings and tattoos on his Instagram.

Gallery Update - Craig Hicks

By Craig Hicks

A closer look at a tattoo by Craig. There's loads of new work from Craig now up on his Artist Gallery Page. Go check it out as well as all his recent work up on Instagram.

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