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Gallery Update - Craig Hicks


New work now up on Craig's Artist Gallery Page. Check out all the new work up on Craig's Instagram here

Gallery Update - Sean Lyons

Hannya Mask by Sean Lyons

New work from Sean now up on his Artist Gallery Page. 

Have a look at the new work up on Sean's Instagram here.

Appointments Available - Craig Hicks

Collage of Work

We’ve had some appointments come available during the last 2 weeks of December with Craig.

You can contact the studio on 0161 748 7722 or email to craighickstattoos@gmail.com to make an appointment.

Gallery Update - Ben Almond

Black and Grey Arrow on Forearm

New work from Ben is now up on his Artist Gallery Page. Go check it out also have a look at his new posts up on Instagram Here.

Closer Look - Sean Lyons

Foo Dog

Back of Leg


Front of Leg Shin

See above a finished lower leg by Sean featuring the Buddha and Foo Dog. 

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