72 Tattoo, Flixton Road, Manchester

About us

72 Tattoo is a modern, multi award winning studio. It is owned and run by Sean Lyons and Gavin Rourke. Alongside them is tattooist Craig Hicks and ¬ Ben Almond.

Sean and Gavin first opened the doors of 72 Tattoo in the summer of 2004 after working at tattoo shops seperately and a little later at the same shop. They decided they could open their own and after searching for the perfect location they came across a little ex electrical store in Urmston, Manchester. With a budget of a mere £4000 they turned it into the first incarnation of 72 Tattoo.

They found that the popularity of tattoos was instant from the first minute they opened the doors and it has just grown and grown. After two years in that transformed electrical store they saw¬ newer and bigger premises available just over the road and after a little bidding war they managed to acquire it. With more of a budget this time they opened the second incarnation of 72 Tattoo and that is what you see today.

You are welcome to vist our Working enviroment prior to any procedure. Our studio is spacious and clean. We operate a separate, dedicated sterillisation room and apply a strict protocol in cleaning and sterillisation procedures. We are licensed and inspected by TRAFFORD COUNCIL, and comply with all HEALTH AND SAFTEY regulations. All hazardous waste and used needles are removed by an independant, professional contractor for proper registered disposal.

Our studio complies with TRAFFORD COUNCIL’S age restrictions. You must be at least 18 years old to be tattooed in our studio.

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